Frequently Asked Questions

Will you perform at Fundraising functions?

Yes, I am delighted to perform at fundraisers if they are dining events in well-equipped hotels. Special conditions apply so please call me for details.

Will you entertain children?

No. The Fun-da-Mentalist's act is not designed to entertain children. It is designed to appeal to adult-dining audiences aged 30-plus.

Do you provide publicity/advertising materials?

Yes, let me know what you need. I have a background in broadcasting and marketing.

Will you emcee an event as The Fun-da-Mentalist?

Yes, but it has to be a dining-event for adults over 30.

Will you emcee or perform in a tux or business suit?

I prefer not to go out of character. An entertainer spends many years developing a brand and character.

Do you bring your own sound equipment?

No. My fees do not allow for carrying special sound equipment or the additional staff to operate it. The same applies to lighting. I expect the venue or client to provide these facilities.
For example, a microphone attached to a podium will not work for me because I spend most of my performance walking around the audience so I need a hands-free wireless microphone.

Do you need a stage?

No. But good sightlines are very important. A stage or raised platform in the middle of a banquet room can be very helpful. Call me to discuss details.

Do you twist balloons into animals for guests?

No. But I will be delighted to twist their minds.